FRequently Asked Questions


Why are you running?

I can no longer sit on the sidelines with everything that is happening at the State Capitol. The erosion of so much that I hold dear needs to stop now, before there is nothing left. The life, liberty and happiness of Iowans needs to take precedence over special interests again.

There is already a Democrat running, why should I vote for you?

I bring a unique life experience to this race. These experiences influence my daily life, and provide me invaluable personal knowledge of the issues to which I speak: 

  • I have a sister with autism, so I have personal experience with special education and special needs Iowans; including where Iowa is falling short and allowing Iowans with special needs to continue to fall through the cracks.
  • I have clinical depression, and have family and friends with mental illness. I see the failings of Iowa's mental health care system, and how it impacts the daily lives of my loved ones.
  • I lived on a family farm that had to be sold in the 1980s during the Farm Crisis and Reaganomics. I have seen the farm sales, and broken lives. 
  • My father was a truck driver at a non-union company for over 25 years, and witnessed the closing of the unionized division to "bust" the union. I know what unions mean to workers, and how companies skirt the law to deny employees' labor rights. 
  • I have family members and friends that are teachers, and hear of the impact restrictions on teacher's unions are having on them already. I see and hear why those restrictions must be repealed.
  • I have been to states with even weaker gun laws than Iowa's. I felt the fear related to stores closing due to open carry of rifles, and news of a shootout with a person that legally purchased and carried an AR-type weapon in Kansas City - a 1/4 mile from the soccer stadium a few days after we were there. I have seen the path we are on with our ever-relaxing gun laws, and it is frightening and unnecessary.
  • My wife has been living with Multiple Sclerosis for almost 20 years. I have that experience with our healthcare system, escalating costs for drugs, the outrageous costs for specialty medication, and the importance of being properly insured.
  • I have a friend with a felony conviction for marijuana possession, which he uses to combat depression and anxiety. I understand the injustice of marijuana-related crimes, as well as insight into why we need to allow felons to vote in Iowa. 

I also believe that competition is important to properly vet the eventual Democratic candidate. There are issues I feel very strongly about, and I want to ensure those issues are brought to the forefront. 

will you defeat SEnator Brad Zaun, if nominated?

Yes. Senator Zaun continues to drive efforts I strongly disagree with. I am very strong on issues I believe Senator Zaun is on the wrong side of, and I believe I am the right candidate to flip his seat blue. I may be new to the political scene in Iowa, but it is time for new voices to be heard at the State Capitol.