My name is Charlie Hodges.  I am a Democrat running for the Iowa Senate in District 20.  Join me if you want to be bold and work for real change in Iowa!

Please ask me any question via email at: - you can donate to my campaign via the pink link above!

Policy Priorities

Improving public safety

I support helping Iowans increase safety in their communities by tackling gun violence. This includes banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and disarming gun owners who pose an imminent risk to themselves or others via red flag provisions.

supporting worker's rights

I support repealing legislation approved by the Republican-controlled Legislature that stripped public employees of their bargaining rights. We need to support private unions as well, as they can get lost in the discussions on public unions. We need to support workers by increasing family incomes, raising the state’s minimum wage and guaranteeing paid family leave for Iowans. I also believe it is time Iowa revisits its Right to Work law, which has crippled unions' ability to  protect Iowans and collectively bargain for over 70 years. 

Reforming criminal justice laws

I support decriminalizing marijuana in Iowa. The drain on our legal system and the injustice of marijuana-related imprisonment alone would be enough reason to make the change. Additionally, the supplemental tax revenue from such reforms – with a law modeled after the one in Colorado – could restore funding for education and other critical priorities neglected by the Governor and Republican-controlled Legislature.

Expanding mental health services

 We must provide access to mental health care to all Iowans, regardless of their insurance status or their ZIP code. Iowa ranks near the bottom in the United States in the availability of mental health care. We must fix this. As someone with clinical depression, this is a deeply personal issue for me.

WOmen's health

The  funding cuts for women's reproductive services must be stopped. I support a woman's right to choose. I also believe that the essential medical care provided by Planned Parenthood has been unacceptable collateral damage of the pro-life lobby's agenda in Iowa.

Climate change

We need to not only stop the negative actions at the State Capitol, but start taking proactive measures to restrict carbon emissions, seek energy alternatives, incentivize cover crops, and be open to other ideas. It's time we listen to our youth and recognize how dire our situation will become if we continue to be hostile to addressing the Climate Crisis.


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